Opioid Crisis

  BACKGROUND As the opioid crisis has steadily worsened, many county, state, municipal, and tribal governments have sought to hold manufacturers, wholesalers, and retailers of pharmaceutical opioids liable for their role in the crisis. The primary method these governments are

State-level Dark Money and Shadow Governance Groups

RESEARCH QUESTION What is the current landscape of dark money and shadow governance groups for governors holding office as of January 31, 2019?   BACKGROUND The aftermath of Citizens United v. FEC (2010) brought with it the resurgence of dark

Congressional Earmarking Reform

The R Street Institute and the Policy Lab are engaged in identifying congressional reforms that will increase Congress’s institutional capacities and performance. Earmark reform may present an opportunity to give congressional leaders a tool for building bipartisan cooperation on key

Payday Lending Services and State-Level Financial Regulation

Policy Lab is assisting Citizens for Responsibility and Ethics in Washington (CREW) will be investigating the influence of payday lending services in crafting the state-level financial regulations under which they are governed.   RESEARCH QUESTION   Policy Lab is working